Our aim is to increase our employees' engagement as well as contribute to their health and safety.

Q-Park has 2,512 employees (2,180 FTEs). By far the most of these people work in or near our parking facilities as parking host. Our social relevance for operational employees is considerable. Environments where low-skilled people can achieve something are disappearing due to the advance of the internet economy. Together with the retail and cleaning sectors, we are committed to the lower group in society who find it very difficult get a job elsewhere. We are a binding factor; we offer varied work and a certain status, so these employees feel appreciated.

Q-Park promotes the health and safety of customers and employees. The main ways in which we achieve this is by training our employees and equipping them for their work, and by creating a safe and healthy working environment. We also offer our employees the opportunity to learn life-saving skills so that they can help someone both at home and at work.

Employees follow heart resuscitation training

Every year, we receive millions of visitors in our parking facilities at all times of the day. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that our employees will encounter aggressive or inappropriate behaviour. We offer parking hosts a training course so they can learn to deal with such situations.

We offer our commercial employees a training course about parking tariffs to help officials understand this complicated issue. Our recommendations are designed to establish a differentiated pricing policy which will influence motorists' behaviour and to ensure that parking facilities are always accessible (matching supply and demand through the parking tariff).

What we have achieved

In 2015, we have given fewer training courses on parking tariffs to employees, although the number of attendees was still higher than in 2013. Here, we notice considerable differences between the countries in which we operate. For example, less attention was paid to tariff training in the United Kingdom this year, while many more employees received this training in France, because the 15-minute tariff was introduced.

Number of employees trained in parking tariff strategy

Many employees attended the conflict management training. Our target is that 20 to 25 per cent of our employees should have attended this training course; we have achieved that objective. The number of employees we trained in resilience to aggression and violence rose from 550 to 589.

Number of employees trained in conflict management

The number of employees who attended a first aid or a heart resuscitation training course was significantly lower than in 2014. This is mainly because many courses were delayed until 2016, but also because some countries choose to only give this training course to employees who have been with the company for more than a year.

Another reason for deferring the training is that some countries only offer this course once every two years.

Our target is that one third of our employees will have followed this training by 2017.

Number of employees trained in heart resuscitation