Value creation

Q-Park stands for ‘Quality in parking’. This fundamental choice for quality forms the core of economic value and our corporate social responsibility. With our parking facilities and associated services for our parking customers, Q-Park wants to be an integral part of the mobility chain and of making freedom of movement more sustainable.

Regulated and paid parking, preferably in clean and safe parking facilities, offers an answer to the current and future challenges posed by the urban environment. It is on these topics that we initiate dialogue with local authorities and other stakeholders.

Our vision on paid parking implies that we not only add financial value for our shareholders and employees; with our activities, we also add social and societal value for a multitude of stakeholders.

To make this clear, we use the IIRC framework which is based on six capitals. With the capitals financial, manufactured, intellectual, human, social, and natural we realise certain benefits, financial as well as non-financial.

However, the ultimate impact of our activities on socioeconomic and environmental aspects, whether positive or negative, is more important. We therefore strive to increase the positive impact and to minimise the negative effect.

Value creation model

How did we perform in 2015? You can read more about this under Six capitals.

You can read about our vision on society and why we add value to sustainable mobility, the well-being of people, and improving the environment, on our website: under ‘CSR vision’.