Core activities

One million motorists make use our parking facilities every day. With the revenue flows we generate from this, we can continue to invest in future-focussed parking solutions that add value for our partners and customers.

Customers are motorists who come to park, but are also real estate owners or companies that offer parking as part of their own product offering, such as theatres, shopping centres, universities or hospitals.


A large proportion of our revenue consists of single parking transactions, our short-term parking customers. About one fifth comes from multiple parking transactions, our season ticket holders.

Our parking services mainly consist of offering parking in built parking facilities or in off-street parking. That can be paid parking behind barriers or by means of Pay & Display parking tickets.

We also offer the opportunity to reserve a parking space, through our own website or websites of third parties, such as hotels, cinemas, restaurants and the like, that want to link parking to their own specific service.

In addition, we offer services such as monitoring the compliance to parking regulations applicable on the street and on private property. For real estate owners we are happy to manage their parking facility, and because of our scale of operations, we can do this efficiently and effectively.

Customers can pay by cash or card. Reservations are paid for when booked online, for season tickets and management services we send an invoice, which the customer pays in accordance with the contract terms. Naturally, our payment options expand according to the needs of our various customer groups.

Through the Q-Park Control Room (QCR), we are in contact with many of our parking facilities providing assistance 24/7 to our customers, and our mobile teams can arrive at a facility quickly, if necessary. Our employees, onsite and online, speak the customer's language and are happy to help everyone to continue their journey again.

Core activities


We maintain and optimise our parking management systems (PMS) so we can serve the market as efficiently and effectively as possible. We manage and maintain our investment property portfolio so we can guarantee a stable value of our investment property.

There is no such thing as free parking

The user or the local authority pays for the facilities which are essential to an attractive, accessible and viable city. And so parking is not an end in itself. It is the facilities and amenities in the city that have appeal. Shops, restaurants, culture, nightlife, education centres, hospitals – that's what attracts people. They want to park their car near to their final destination, and they are prepared to pay for this. Some cities are developing into magnets, others, where activity is decreasing, are lagging behind. Offering free parking (and therefore a subsidy) is not a sustainable solution for those centres.