Accounting framework

This integrated report provides information about the economic and societal value that Q-Park adds, and is intended for all our stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders, banks and (financial) business partners, suppliers, governments, those living in the neighbourhood, and societal organisations.

Contents and relevance

The emphasis of this report lies on the commercial, societal, and environmental targets which are most relevant to Q-Park. These targets concern sustainable urban mobility to which we can add the most value. This report shows what has already been achieved in this area.

The financial annual report, with annual accounts drawn up in accordance with IFRS, is part of this integrated report.

Value creation

The integrated annual report for the 2015 financial year is the first we have prepared in accordance with the IIRC framework. We realise that we are making a transformation and it is our intention that this provides more integrated insight into the financial and non-financial results and our impact on people, the environment, and society.

In our value creation model we indicate what impact we have on most material aspects of our core activities, and in the Six capitals section we give a detailed report of how we performed.

Reporting standards and testing criteria

For our reporting standards and testing criteria we refer you to the CSR reporting principles section on our corporate website.

Reporting process and data collection

For the reporting process and the data collection we refer you to the CSR accounting framework section on our corporate website.

Changes compared to 2014

The following items have been adjusted:

There are no changes in the management, the policy or the objectives regarding the non-financial aspects.