What we can do better

Learning from each other

As our organisation is active in ten countries, we have many regional differences and local interpretations. And legislation often differs per country too. Our goal is to share the wealth of knowledge within our company and to make better use of this. The region organisations we have created between the holding company and the national organisations should contribute to this exchange. In fact, we are implementing a culture change that still needs to be fully embedded.

Employee training

Our employees consider training and education to be very important. We therefore include this in our policy, and that is why we train our staff particularly in (personal) security, conflict management and pricing strategy. We aim to give these training courses regularly in all our countries. However, not all countries consider this equally important.

External verification

External verification increases the confidence stakeholders have in our accountability and has a disciplining effect on our internal organisation. But external verification also entails extra costs.

In Q-Park's current phase, the executive board wishes to focus on developing the company and our positioning in the market, and that requires our full attention. It was therefore decided not to ask for external assurance for this reporting year.

We will, of course, continue to structure our reporting in accordance with the quality standards that stakeholders expect from us. The reporting process is standardised and the structure of the data requested can easily be checked for completeness and reliability. The whole process is therefore already prepared for future external verification.